Why does he keep talking to her?

my boyfriend talks to a girl from his work on Facebook whenever he goes on... just ONE girl... he keeps telling me hell stop. but I've caught him lying about it, and trying to delete the messages. I don't know if he deletes them because he knows I will freak if I see then or if he's being shady. I honestly don't get why he has to talk to her at all when it clearly hurts me so much?


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  • ive gone through the same and. me and this guy were dating and supposedly him and his ex were "bestfriends" and it hurt me to see them all buddy buddy and even flirting he always told me I have nothing to worry about he didn't like her but it definitely didn't show by his actions. so for you answer: tell him it hurts you ! and if he doesn't stop then lose him, if he can't stop talking to this girl even when he knows it hurts you he isn't worth it. trust me I know. I've been there.

  • Uhhh I'm sorry to say it but he is starting to fall for her. he either needs to stop deleting them or just stop the texting. he is doing something sneaky already don't let it get worst!