How do I get a guy I rarely see to like me?

I really like this guy. I've known him for a while because our parents have been friends since university, but they live on the other side of the city, and our parents aren't super close anymore. As a result, we only see each other every few years. I saw him again last February at his parents' dinner party, and after three years, he REALLY improved. He got super hot, and we talked for a bit, so I realized how kind and mature he had become. I made him laugh a few times and he was sitting beside me for a good while. When we left, I realized I really liked him. I didn't say anything, and he doesn't have social media, and I don't have his number. I found out that my family will be having them over in a few weeks for dinner and, even though its not likely to happen, I really want him to ask me out. Any advice on how to act around him and maybe get him to like me as well?


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  • Ask him for his number