Would you rather date a quiet or outgoing girl?

QUIET: May act shy when around you and smile shyly, and laugh shyly and all that stuff

OUTGOING: Loud, wild, laughs loud and not shyly, and does nothing shyly


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  • Outgoing! Last girl I took to the mall just kind of stood there while I chatted with cashiers and people that approached us, even if I tried to get her into the conversation. I like it when my gf can have a good time with me and not be quiet and reserved.

    I'm not saying being shy is a bad thing though, shy girls are often very fun and loyal.


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  • I think that many shy girls can be outgoing underneath after you get to know them. Shy girls usually have a very cute, mysterious personality that can be very attractive. They're not usually asked out because they appear out of reach/uptight and they are much harder to read. I personally would rather date the quiet girl because they tend to be nicer and prettier inside and out.

  • I want a girl that encompasses the two.


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