I have a crush on a guy, but he has a crush on someone else... what should I do?

Should I just give up on him? He's practically on the other side of the country anyways... I just don't know... do you?

Fine... I'll give up on him. :(
I also give up on ever being truly happy ever again... no point in trying anymore...


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  • to make him crush on u while he has crush on someone it takes long , hard way
    I think u just give up on him :\
    and live ur life , who knows maybe u will find someone better (me for example :P) hahahah

  • I feel yeah. Im in same predicament :(


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  • Look I also had this problem with one of my crush and he liked my friend... So I just left him and thought him as a friend because we were like friends so you just let him go... Now there's another boy I talk with he is also from school and I love talking to him... Move one!! Don't waste your time =) good luck, hon...

    • Nah... no point in trying anymore... I never win.

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    • Why not change yourself? Change your hair colour.. wear different clothes... eye black makeup.. lipstick (if allowed in school) change your style...

    • If I change myself... I won't be myself. Sorry. I'm not changing who I am for anyone.

  • Don't give up! NOOOOOO (in slow mo)
    Is he a guy on GaG?

    • No.. on some forum. I give up on guys. Period. This is the last fucking time I allow myself to be in this situation. I swear.

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    • Don't be hun.. Just don't give up

    • Well, I am. Sorry if I'm being too negative. I just give up.