What to do before someone becomes serious before you're sure you want a relationship?

I've been seeing a guy a little over a week and he's ready to be in a ltr. I feel like I barely know him and I'm not sure. I feel very pressured for commitment. How can I get him to tone it down a little?


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  • I know its easy to say & harder to do. I think you just gotta go up to the guy & tell him that while you like him, still wanna see him, etc. that you need more time to get to know you before getting into a relationship.

    I personally am probably more like that guy than you. I always get in relationships before I should, but a week isn't a long time at all. You're being smart about it by trying to know what you're getting yourself into. Don't get pressured into a relationship.

    He might just want to know you won't just up & leave, & have that safety of being in a relationship.

    Best of luck :)

    • Thank you for the advice. :)

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  • A week sounds awfully fast to make things exclusive. Talk to him and let him know that you want to slow it down.


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