Do I have another chance with this girl after 5 years of no contact?

It sounds crazy but I ran into a girl i liked back in my freshmen year of HS. I never asked her out and was a shy 15 year old kid so we flirted and it never got too serious. I saw her well at home for college break and were both 21 now and we both kept looking at each other until I approached her and she hugged me saying "I thought that was you." We talked for a few hours and ended up going out to eat and caught up. Apparantly we go to the same college as well and I got her number and didn't text her yet but I still like her. Were both single at the moment and she explained where she lives on campus so we can meet up.



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  • I think that anything is possible. If she told you where she lives on campus that's an open door, hence, she wants to meet up. Sure why would she tell you if she wanted to get rid of you? Yous have history now expand on that

    • Its so ironic too cause I was just tellong friends about her before that and I saw her that day.

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    • I will I know the feeling of seeing an ex with another guy the feeling Is scary cause she's knows everything about me Lol.

    • Oh god I know the feeling it gets dangerous when people know you. well this guy had me for pe/ gym but he is my best mates cousin too. Everything is an abbreviation to be honest haha
      Nothing worse than not texting first or replying I'm dealing with that ATM
      Not fun


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  • Tis the season to be jolly and Be with even the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Now Present, sweetie. Give her a call, send her a text, and being it is the holidays approaching, Broach the idea of getting together for some More Christmas Cheer And-----Meet up.
    It's strange how fate has a way of working sometimes, even if it is years later and time that has passed by. Perhaps being you both were young and wet behind the ears in years back then, now older and bolder, it seems it has come back to Bite you, however, in a Very Merry way.
    Good luck and Happy Holidays. xx

    • Its just funny cause the fact that she recognized at all is crazy. I still am attracted to her as well surprisingly.

    • Fate at its finest... Find out where the chips may fall this time around... life is too short.:)) xx

  • Talk to her. If you want to date her later you will know, now just just are reconnecting with an old friend.

  • Go for it! It sounds great!

  • Just try it. Tell her you want to hang out. You don't have to decide if you want to date her ASAP. It's not like you asking to hang out can lead to rejection. If she was faking then you deserve better.

    • I don't know if I want to date her either it was just interesting to see that happen and that she recognized me lol.

    • Yeah. You should hang out with her if you want to. One step at a time.

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  • Go for it man