My boyfriend's mom got mad at FB post?

So my bf is in boot camp for the army Hus mom posted a pic of his parents and bro and sis on fb and captioned it with no one misses you as much as we do. I wrote in the comment section and me with a cute smiley face. We have been going out for 2 years and we are 20 by the way in case that matters. His mom called him and got all pissy about me commenting saying it was rude. I'm like what I'm pretty sure fb is a public thing where anyone is free to commwnt. Plus she should be happy that someone else cares about her son and misses him like that. I legit don't get why would she be mad? My bf is confused too.


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  • Mom's can get jealous that someone else is moving in on their son, especially if this the first time that he has left home. She is having trouble letting go... One day when you are a mother, you might too. Just let it go. And for now don't steal her thunder...

    • How did I steal her thunder? Its fb which is public therefore anyone is free to comment. If she wanted it to be a private thing she could have pmed him or sent him a pic through mail or something

    • i am not blaming you... i am saying she wanted to be the one to publicly tell him how much she missed him. When you commented too, she felt it was disrespectful. i am not saying that is what you did i am telling you how she felt.

    • Oh OK that makes more sense.


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  • She might not understand Facebook well enough to figure out that what you did was normal.

  • Damn. Tell her to cut the fucking cord already, what you said wasn't rude.

  • She's a mom. Moms be tripping.