How to go about meeting girls who aren't part of the bar scene in town?

to start off I don't have trouble meeting girls at the local bar , more been having trouble dating them and found a lot of them were good looking but often very hard to date and very rude a lot of the time. so trying to come up with some other options in town but there isn't a lot of girls around here who are single or my age. I have noticed some other girls I don't really know much of that say work as cashiers at small little stores downtown and I've never seen them at the bar before or know if there even single but a couple seemed ok and I was attracted to this one who works at drug store as cashier. I
anyways just not sure how to go about things or if any of these girls be a better option than other girls I already know? I'd just try and talk to them if at bar but there at work as a cashier and not sure how to express my interest when there at work


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  • Welp if i were you i wouldn't land a girl whos in 'the bar scene' its okay and all but if you want someone who works at a store just be really nice, make her smile, make sure she's in your league and ask for her number but make sure there's a chemistry and its not awkward

    • on the league thing , I find a lot of girls around here work the more average jobs like cashier when there younger or in school and need the money and at this stage there datable or attainable for guys like me but then all of a sudden they find better jobs or go away to school and suddenly they think there too good for guys like me , so not sure if these girls are just at that stage and it won't be long till there also out of here as they say


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  • Why not take a class that teaches you something you might find interesting (cooking, new language, etc, etc) or join a club for people with the same hobby as you? You could also volunteer and if none of those work there is always online dating.


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  • I'm not actually old enough to enter a nightclub, but I've always had the feeling that a large portion of people who attend nightclubs are not looking for relationships, but more for the s__. Logically, I feel like the girls that can hold stable jobs would tend to be a little more down to earth and would have a higher probability of becoming a long term relationship.

    • well that's true to an extent and why I'm trying to see what else is out there , I find a lot of girls at bars are also looking for attention and gossip. they want to be able to say so and so tried to hit on me even if they don't want to date the guy the gossip feeds there conversations with gf's. there is also girls around here who hold stable jobs but on weekends they go out and drink and party , one of the girls I tried to date previously had a stable job at golf course as food and beverage manager but when not at work was always out drinking and like an alcoholic.