Girl dates other people I'm confused please help?

So I don't know what to call me and this girls relationship but we have been talking for 2 years she bought me a chrismas present and birthday present. Anyways we date other people she says she can't care Becuase we're not serious. (Do you think she really cares) I know I do. But anyways we have this rule where we can't have sex with other people... She said that all the touching kissing, and sleeping together is saved for me what do you think should I trust her?


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  • She may be telling the truth. If she is dating other guys though how many other guys do you think she is stringing this line to? And she can't care because you are not serious well im sorry but that isn't true when you have feelings for someone especially someone you are intimate with you care and quite a lot at that. Me and my x split up a while back but im not dating anyone and he tells me he isn't dating anyone which I believe and he is the only guy Im intimate with and I told him that if he was seeing someone else to tell me i wouldn't mind its his life I can't tell him what to do I just want to see him happy, but i did mind and I do care and it would hurt but i would rather be slapped with the truth than hugged with a lie. So someone telling you they can't care because you are not serious isn't true.

  • No. There's something off about this.


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