What's a good way to get out of a first date if you're too nervous to do it?

What's a good excuse that won't hurt her?


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  • If you want to go on the date, but are too nervous, try to push through the nervousness and see what happens.

    But if you don't want to go on the date, and are trying to figure out how to get out of it, don't make an excuse. An excuse implies that there might be a next time, and if that's not going to happen, it's only going to hurt her more. There's no good way to cancel a date if you asked her out and are going back on it. You have to rip the bandaid off as kindly but as quickly as possible.

    But my suggestion would be to have the first date anyway, see how it goes, and leave it at that. You might have a great time that you never expected. And if you didn't, at least you know for sure, you respected her time, and you have no obligations to go on another.

    • I do, it took me a lot of courage to ask her out and I could only do it in the end because she really wanted me to ask her out. But I can't even sleep thinking about it.

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    • And I don't know what to do on a date.

    • This'll be my last comment since I'm off for break, but just be yourself. You two seem to already know each other, and she likes what she sees. I know that sounds like a throwaway answer, but I'm serious. She likes you. So be you. And as far as doing if you don't have anything planned, maybe keep this one shorter like having a coffee, with room to call it a day or see where it goes after. If you need an activity, you can always go see a movie and then you have an actual topic to talk about after. Just some ideas without knowing too much! Happy Holidays!


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  • Don't cancel. Seriously, she'll think you're a flake. Not a good first impression.
    I've dated a lot and, while I was nervous at first, going out on first dates eventually gets a lot easier as you do it more. But you DO need to do it. You get practice on small talk, picking up on queues like if they like you or not, get good at talking about yourself and asking the right questions, figuring out what you do and don't like in a person, get out of the house and meet people and go to new places, etc.
    If she's right for you and it flows, then great! If not, then you've just wasted a couple hours and can use it as an ice breaker on your next date.

  • just grow a pair of balls and get over your nervousness!


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  • "I'm terribly sick from being a total bitch. Sorry."