I started a relationship with sex. Can it progress to something more emotional?

I started this relationship with what I believe to be a good guy a month ago. We met on a dating website and agreed to sex after only a night of talking. I know stupid and immature. I've come to really like this guy and now want to pursue a relationship with him. We talk like we're boyfriend and girlfriend but I just don't want to end up as a 'booty call' to him. And what's interesting is that the sex never happened. It hurt me too much so we stopped (virgin). He didn't make me feel inadequate or pressured. He still hasn't a month later. I think I really started crushing on him after that night. He tells me he has low self esteem and that everyone has called him ugly (he's very handsome to me). I think he really likes me back, but I guess I just want some more opinions. Thank you!


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  • Of course it's possible, Me and my wife had sex the first time we dated, 5 years, a house, marraige and child later I'm going to go out on a limb and say it didn't harm anything. Prior to that I was in a year long relationship with a girl and we had sex within a couple of hours of first meeting. It doesn't need to be a huge deal so long as both people are mature enough not to start making judgements about the other person based on when they first had sex.

    Relationships are hard enough without letting crap like that be a big deal when there's no need for it to be.


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  • It can, of course it can but just because it can doesn't mean it will. That's just a gamble you're going to have to take.


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  • Speak with him on it, let him know you're feeling something more and want to know if it's mutual. That if it is then you'd like to see how it grows if he wants to also.