Did I make a stupid comment or not?

Girls, I hooked up with this girl once, then I didn't see her for a while. I really like her a lot! I asked her out via text about a week and a half later. She said she was kind of seeing someone and it didn't seem like it was working out. She made it seem like there was a chance for us. I then said,

"That guys Lucky! Hopefully he tells you how beautiful you are every morning. I would!"

Then she didn't respond. Was that stupid? And if so, how would I fix it? I would do anything for this girl, and I haven't felt this way about a girl for a long time. Any advice would be nice


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  • Seems like she's got some stuff she's working out in her personal life. I don't think it's a stupid comment, but I also would press the issue with her now that you do know she is seeing someone. I think it would be okay to check on her just to say hi if you're really curious as to what's going on with her.


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  • I'd say she's just confused. Give her time to sort things outin her head before talking to her again.

  • Its not stupid but girls hear those kind of comments all the time from guys so it like 'eurgh what a typical thing to say' maybe thats why she didn't reply cause its like what all guys say when they trying it on with a girl who is with someone else

    • Right before I said that, she was asking what I was doing on New Years. I thought by saying that, that she would know I thought of her as mor than a hookup

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    • Yeah thanks, that's what I thought. I have a way of doing that. Hopefully next time we talk I don't say something to make it worse

    • I don't hget that comment all the time. I never get it. I feel offended now.

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  • Probably just sorting things out in her head. Be glad she told you she was seeing someone, as well as the conditions of that relationship. Not many girls have the ovaries to do that