Guys never seem to be interested in me?

I haven't had a "real" relationship before. I've had elementary school relationsjips but I don't count those because they weren't serious.
Is it because I'm not the most outgoing person? Is it my looks? Because I'm somewhat awkward or shy? I don't understand... All the guys I am interested in never like me back. Why?


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  • It's certainly not because of your looks, I find your face very pretty and your eyes are great too !

    It must be either because of your personality or your behavior OR because (assuming you're still in high school) somebody has spread bad rumors about you behind your back. I'd advise you to date outside of the high school setting since you'd avoid all kinds of gossip and stuff, you know?
    And as to your shyness : It will most likely go away as you get older and gain more life experience and realize your qualities and learn to love yourself ( I believe people who are content with themselves exude this mind-set and this way seem very approachable ) .

    OR maybe you just need to show a guy more obviously that you like him.

    • Aw thank you :)
      Yes my shyness is slowly getting better , and I've been trying to date outside of school but I don't know where to meet people

    • I'd date you if I lived where you live in Canada by the way ^^.

      I don't know where young people in Canada like to get to know new people ( and Canada is not as densely populated as Germany, so it might be hard to meet new guys, LoL ^^), but I'd suggest you should make lots of friends or acquaintances and start a social network by doing so. People often get to know each other via their circle of friends.

    • Haha yeah it's so hard to meet new guys because they usually all go to raves and stuff but that's not my thing
      And my friend is supposed to introduce me to some of his friends when I see him next :)


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  • If that is your pic, it isn't looks.

    Perhaps just you haven't met a guy with the same interests in you. If you are shy that doesn't always help either as they don't always get a chance to know who you are.

    • Yes that's me in my picture, and I'm not too terribly shy anymore, I just get nervous around guys I think are cute

    • well... you could go for some ugly guys then. That might work... :-)

      Truthfully it is just meeting the right person and time. A frustrating answer yes, but truthful. Try to get out there a bit and do some things that allow you to meet more people, is about the only other thing you can do. Hang in there!

  • Well if we was the same age you would of already had my interest purely because your a gamer :)
    Try talking to people next time your in a game store as you will have some thing in common.

  • It's definitely how you behave, because you're a pretty girl. Even though you don't intend it with you being shy most guys confuse that with disinterest.

    • Thanks, I've been trying to stop myself from getting nervous and stuff around guys, I think I've gotten better over the past few months

    • They're just as nervous as you

  • Not even suitors? Because, assuming you are at least average looking, an abrasive or too defensive personality is probably the only obstacle.

  • i think that the guys around you are the problem. if i knew you i think that i would date you so its not your problem, dont stress about it :)

  • Have you dated? How old are you? The shyness could be a factor.

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    • No I've never just gone out on dates, most of my friends aren't in relationships and the one that is almost in one, barely talks to me now because she only focuses on him so I have no idea

    • But the girls who are in relationships. they are more outgoing in your opinion? So try being more open and friendly with guys.

  • Well, girls never seem to be interested in me... so we have the same problem.


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