Guy friend accuses me of having mental problems when he's angry with me?

Do all guys do this? For the record, I do not have any mental problems but he accuses me of being bipolar or whatever whenever he's in a bad mood and takes it out on me. I think he has a thing for me too because for past few months he's been kissing me on the forehead. While he's hugging me or sometimes randomly while we are walking he would just plant one on the top of my head. Its just over the past few months we are touchy-feely towards each other. He does not do this to our mutual female friend.


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  • He could have anger management issues that he needs to get sorted out or at least that's how it sounds to me.

  • Compared to men, women are very emotional. The emotional outbursts and illogical behavior sometimes seem like mental illness, but it is not. Men and women have similar feelings, but express them differently. Tell him to knock it off and be more understanding of how you feel.


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