My ex still talks to me but to another girl too, and I'm kind of into his friend, what should I do?

So This is my situation... I had a boyfriend for a month (C) but we ended it because he (C) is going to leave for medical school in January but he still talks to me and ask me to go out and stuff but he also talk to one of my friends (M), she is not close to me but.. She wasn't supposed to answer him.
My ex and I met because I was in love with one of his closest friends (D), he left town in August so he (my ex[C]) told me to forget him (D) and that was when I started dating him (C). But now he talks to my friend (M).. and his friend (D) is back in town and the other night I saw him on a party and there was my ex (C) too and his friend (D) went to talk to me and my ex was watching us, but I left and the next day he (d) messaged me and my ex (d) found out and told me to not talk to him anymore and the other day I saw him (D) again and I called him but hang up too soon and he called me back the next day and told me that why I haven't told him that I was in a relationship with my ex, that he liked me too but he wasn't in town and stuff. So I don't know what should I do now, he (d) was drunk but that sounded real. I have to tell (c) I talked to (d) or I should keep talking to (d) or stop talking or get back with (c) even tough he is leaving town in a month , (d) is leaving town in January too


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  • Ask C if he is interested in M. He might be. Don't shift between guys based on them leaving town. If you said you were in love with D, how did you start going out with C?

    Choose one man who you know loves you back, and don't be fickle about your attachment to him. Communicate with both and be clear on whether you are breaking it off with them. But make decisions based on who you think would be good for long term.

    Do you want it any other way?

    • (C) is interested in (m) but he told me he didn't want she right he just want to make out with her and dump her.

      I started dating (c) because he was very kind and he really got me but things has changed

    • You don't have to be Sherlock to figure this out. You just mentioned he said to you that he just wants to date M and throw her out. What makes you think he won't do the same with you? Be rational and objective in your thinking girl. No "nice" guy dates a girl and then dumps her. When we are attracted to someone we see them with rose spectacles. But notice how they treat others - that is their character

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  • F them both


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  • How about...

    You find someone who isn't leaving town?

  • Okay, I'm a bit confused with your story. Guess I'll read it one more time.