Dating a guy that just got out of a serious long term relationship?

So this guy i met told me that he got out of a 2 year relationship he says that they had made plans for thier future & were pretty serious the girl broke up with him, he is a very nice guy So I decided to give him a chance, we went on a lot of dates & have been spending a lot of time together & even met each others families he recently asked me to be his girlfriend & i said yes because i like him a lot but now he's telling me that he still thinks about the break up sometimes & breaks down he says that he wants someone to be around & talk to & move on with. i feel like a rebound im not sure if i should stay with him or leave i feel like his feelings aren't sincere & he's just trying to find anyone to make the pain go away


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  • Yeah you need to tell him that he needs to focus on his new relationship rather than his old one or it's not going to work out.


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  • Just be a friend to him. Nothing wrong with his actions in my opinion.

    Sometimes this is just the way timing makes things. How did you meet?

    • We both work at the mall he's a security guard & i work at a restaurant in the food court he just saw me & started talking & it went from there

    • Well that sounds pretty normal if you ask me. Nothing to worry about.

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  • I would dump him
    He is just looking for someone to fill that void