Could giving him an awesome present help win him over?


So I've kinda got a huge crush on a coworker of mine. (yikes). But it's fine (part time, minimum wage, workplace romances have happened before and all has been well there, no real stress).

Basically, I think he's the most wonderful guy I've ever met. And it's taken me forever to come to terms with my feelings.

So I want to do something for him.

You see, he has a career field in mind that is nearly impossible to make it in.

YET, I have family connections in it. I'm thinking about getting him a mentor, someone in his field of interest to help him out. A life changing present. Not for Christmas, for his birthday in a few months.

I don't need him to fall in love with me. I just need him to give me a chance. I'm so sick of the friend zone.

Would this help? I could be all like "I'll give you their contact info... but only after our first date. You don't have to like me, I just want a chance. Then it's yours, you never have to go out with me again if you don't want."

Extortion of sorts, haha. Would it work? Is it worth it at all?


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  • Wouldn't that be mild bribing? Try asking him out.

    • I'm scared. I've been rejected a lot. Only ONCE did a guy say yes to a first date. I always get the friend zone.

      People don't give me a chance. They see the girl next door goofy smile great for having fun and a great listener but for some reason they don't see me as a gf. And I am not unattractive. I'm not a supermodel but I have confidence I my looks.

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    • Thanks. I guess I'll let you know how it goes when it happens a few weeks from now. Wish I could go ahead and give you MHO XD

    • Don't worry, I wish you could, too. Lol, jk.

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  • dont buy him.. try to get to know him more talk have a conversation... because if he likes he likes you not the present if he didn't so its just simply he doesn't of if your close to each other and it might work then... buy a him present not fancy not expensive but something he really really likes.
    do u mind answering my question?

    • We're great friends. I want to be something more. Just wondering if it would be a good way to get a first date and avoid the immediate friend zone I get all the time. And sure!

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    • I don't like hard to get. I just don't. I don't see the point of it. He will think I'm angry with him, and I don't want that.

    • well, thats not hard to get that taking some of what he got to notice... hard to get if he is not a friend and he wants to get to know you.. but the fact he actually knows you and got used to u being around... thats not playing hard to get its like a small kid having his toy with him he will put a side and when you take after he put it aside he will cry..

  • Do not use your network connections on someone elses behalf... Not unless it's your husband or fiance.

    • Why not? If everyone just helped everyone in life, wouldn't it be nice? Regardless of feelings, I will not hold it against him if he will never like me as I like him. He deserves every opportunity he can get. Why shouldn't I help him?

    • If he fucks up then thats on you and you're only as good as those you surround yourself with.

    • I'm sorry. I just don't understand your reasoning. But thank you for taking the time to try to explain your point of view to me.

  • I don't know if it is worth it... but that's a really good thing to do for a person... so why not... give it a shot.

    • I know I'm gonna do it anyways--he's a great guy, he deserves it. I just don't know if I should try to ask him out with it. I really like him (crushing big time ><).

    • no. that would feel like your doing this so that he goes out with you... (kinda like trying to use him in exchange of a favor) which would ruin your gift... ask him out first... see what happens. if all goes well then give him the gift... see if he is worth it.. maybe he is not the you think he is... maybe its too early...

  • You can't win someone's affection with material things unless that person is materialistic.

  • Well what work is it.


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  • No... That's really just manipulation. Woman up and tell him how you REALLY feel instead of using his situation to push your agenda.

    Trust me, you do not want to come off as an insecure girl who expects him to owe you a date for caring about him.