How to know when he's not that into you or playing mind games?

Me and this guy were hot and heavy until we had an argument on Friday and then he said we should just be cool. Thing is, the next night on my way home and he texts me to make a detour to see him. When I ask where, he never responds. It really pissed me off, but I didn't let him know that, I just played it cool. He continued texting me for the next few days and stopped after sending "smh" on Tuesday. So I went a whole week not talking to/ignoring him. I really like him so I finally told him I wanted to see him, we should hang. He says "We can do that" and I say "O really?" And he says "?" and I said, "oh so you wanna see me too?" He takes like 15 mins to respond, "Yes" that made me feel iffy he says again, "We can do that". I ask him what he wants to do or where he wants to go and he says, " Relax, I'm super tired." Does he still like me or is he just wanting to "relax" and not go/take me anywhere because he thinks if we're indoors we could possibly have sex. He's king of mixed signals, by the way. Am I tripping or nah?


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  • Your dating isn't going anywhere and you should change that fast.

    • @Maxemeister what do you mean?

    • As in this dating with your guy friend is making no progress and you should try a new strategy.

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  • I see that he is playing a game. I would ignore him and move on. Or keep him as friends with benefits .