Why did he tell me that it is easy to get a boyfriend?

I am shy and quiet. I talked with my guy friend. He told me that i should learn how to seduce a guy.
He told me that i should act cute and help a guy in order to get guy's attention.

I told him that it is difficult for me to get a boyfriend. He said No, it is easy.

Why he said that it was easy for me to get a boyfriend? He knew that i never have a boyfriend before.


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  • Well, you don't trust yourself. Just feel free and talk to a person. No secrets. No hiding. Just let yourself speak anything. Be its kind, rude, sexual... don't hesitate. The people that like you for being you will eventually make you.


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  • I think he is saying that if you wanted to be slutty, you could find a boy friend. I am not sure it is the best advice you have ever been given.


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