Could I send this in a letter to my crush?

So i've liked this girl for a very long time and now we're starting to be friends, now i'm starting to feel sad for not asking her if she likes me. I do not have the guts to ask in person. But i hope you would read this and tell me what you would say:

Hey [Girls name]
I like you, I have since i started in this school. And i hope that we can be more than just friends. I just don't have the guts to ask you in person, I hope you understand.
- [My name]


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  • That's very sweet, (honest), it sounds innocent too.

    If she likes you, she will be thrilled, and may say yes. But if she doesn't, it would be awkward.

    Try asking her out in-person in a way that she understands what you're trying to do, but it's not as direct. Kind of like, we should hang out sometime, what do you think? And see her reaction. Something like that.

    If she sort of likes you, but isn't sure yet, the letter may cause more problems.. I don't know it's your call at the end of the day. Do what you think feels right :)


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  • I'd say wait awhile and see if she likes you. Just spend more time with her/talk to her more. Just have fun getting to know each other. Over time, you'll know if she likes you or not. Then, you can ask her to be your girlfriend :)

    Good luck!


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  • Pretty good bro.
    Me personally I'm to much of a coward to hand a note over like that and have to deal with the suspense of waiting for a response

  • Ask her in person just grow them cojones fast I regret every damn day of my high school year for doing that please heed this warning

  • I suggest to meet her in person, and see how things will be before sending or saying such a things. Unless u are prepared that she migh reject you. Anyway it is a 50% chance of a yes or a no. So all the best for you. Just go for it.