Is it bad if you're friends with someone before you start dating, and they were in a relationship at the time?

I am curious about this, for those in a relationship and are friends with a guy or gal.
Your friend is in a relationship, then they break up, and after a period of time you begin dating this friend.
Does that suggest there was a wandering eye when they weren't single?


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  • It could indicate that but I don't think so, it's just something that happens. I've met a couple that we were friends for over thirty years and then got together when their respective Marriages fell apart. It's just the way the cookie crumbles isn't it?


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  • It should be fine as long as you respect your friend's feelings and be open to them about it. Even if there was a wandering eye, if you wait an appropriate amount of time and are open to your friend about what you're doing, you've shown them the proper respect. Of course, they might still judge you for it, at which point you'll have to decide whether that's reason enough not to continue.

  • They're single now. People are going to speculate no matter what. If you like eachother do what you want.

  • If they were flirting with you before the relationship ended, yes. Otherwise, no.


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