How can I tell if a girl likes you but would never date you?

How can I tell the way a girl feels in the sense that she likes you but more as a sweet person and that she'd never date you?


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  • If she hangs out with you, tells you her dating issues, hugs you but never kisses you, introduces you as, "oh, this is just my friend (insert your name here)... then he really likes you but only as a friend. The only dating you will be doing is hanging out.

    • We'll she oesnt do that at in fact she ignores me more than most people. How can I tell if she flirting? she's a shy woman so doesn't really give much. Is there any non verbal signs I could look for for flirting?

    • If she ignores you then she may not be interested. Yet she may be waiting for you to man up and just take the lead on asking her out formally and planning a real date. I hate having to tell a man, "hey lets get together and do X, y, and z." I love when a man shows me he is interested and makes the first move. Be direct she'll respect that. Its time for game to end people need to step up and be honest and direct to end all the confusion out here with relationships.


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  • She wouldn't flirt with you or touch you a lot, she'd probably tease you

    • What about pulling your sleeve?

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  • By asking her out.