How many people out there love someone they can never have? Celebs dont count. Im referring to exs and people you actually know. Opinions?

I've been in love with my highschool sweet heart. For over ten Years. I got married and divorced and she is currently married. I've never stopped loving her.


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  • This hits home. I met her through a dating site and we clicked immediately. And mind you she was very pretty a fair amount of guys were after her not counting me I think 7 other guys were trying to get with her. Thankfully I ended up being the guy she was most interested in and ended up dating for 4 months. I had met her mother, brother, and best friend. Hell we would hold hands and I would stay over at her place till 3 in the morning. I honestly thought she was the one, however b/c of lack of experience and neediness I pushed her away. We had an argument b/c I thought she was seeing someone else on the day we promised we were going to meet up (new years eve). And from their things went downhill she acted like a total bitch to me and paid no attention to me. Soon she went back to her first ex. who was constantly trying to get back to her even when we were dating. I can tell she likes her ex well now bf a lot. I gave up on her and disappeared from her life for half a year. During that half a year I met other girls, gained experienced, became a pro at reading between the lines when it comes to girls, and improved myself. Its been 7 months now and I "reappeared" in her life about 2 months ago. Although I don't think I have much of a chance she now talks to me on a daily basis, and treats me much more kindly than before. Actually were going to have diner this Friday at a rather upscale restaurant and of course I will be dressing to impress. My point is you will never know unless you give it your all and when you do and still lose. It's alright you should be happy with the memories you had with one another and be able to use it as a experience you can learn from and further improve yourself so that you can finally find the "one".

    • I had a very similar situation. We dated seven years ago and she contacted me last month. I dumped her back then but this time she was pursuing me. We started chilling every weekend and all the sudden she said I had too much baggage and stopped talking to me. I think it scared her. Cuz we had a great connection. Id stay over and we'd talk all night and now she says it didn't feel right.

    • I'm going to be fairly frank and honest with you. In all honesty it sounds to me like she was bitter and wanted to get back at you. Afterall you did dump her before so why come back all of a sudden? Have a good connection than reject you by specifically saying whats wrong with you? Idn I find it very odd, however don't worry about it to much you will find the one. Besides things always change especially with time, so if it doesn't work out; learn from it.


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  • I'm in love with my ex. I'm still chasing him. Longest 3 months of my life without him and I can't wait to get him back. I hope he hurries up and takes me back. It's all really confusing, but I'm closer to getting him than I ever was so I have a good feeling that I'll have him back soon.

    • If it doesn't work out. How will u handle that? My ex dumped me in March and I've been wanting her back since. Remember ex's are our ex's for a reason. Why did u two break up?

    • Still not sure. He broke up with me and gave a different reason every time someone would ask (none of which were believable). But lately things have been really good and I really feel like I have a chance because he's pretty much gone back to being himself.

  • Yes and its so painful, you always think what could have been

    • I totally can relate. I wonder if I wasn't such a hot head and catered to her needs if I would be married to her instead of her jackass husband. I love her more than anyone I ever dated or my ex wife. It sucks to think if I did whatever different what kind if life we would have.

    • Thats so true! I always wonder what my life would be like too. I always think about him, something always reminds me of him. Its like carrying a weight inside your heart

    • All we can do is realize that if its meant to be it will happen. I've had girls that hated me then hit me up and want to go out. Time heals all wounds

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  • This used to happen to me during my teens, and even early 20s. Not anymore.

    • Thanks for the reply. What changed?

    • You're welcome!
      I was involved in two REALLY bad relationships. The first one cheated on me with her own uncle (yuck, incest) and the other turned out to be a habitual liar (so I had to dump her). This made me lose faith in women and the word 'love' itself, because in both relationships I wrongly believed it was 'love'. Besides, I have been single for over 4 years now, and din';t even attempt to date. I used this time to kill my thoughts about those whom I believed that I loved (or had a crush on), excluding these two whom I dated.
      Now, I've gotten so comfortable with being single, that I don't suppose I would think of any previous 'love' again, nor would I fall in love with anyone else.

  • Yes two people my ex and a girl I have a crush on

  • Yes, it happened to me too :(((