Never dealt with this before. Thoughts on if I still have a shot?

I met a woman at a bar who's a busy teacher. Things went really great for 3 weeks. We slept together on the 1st date & did sexual things whenever we saw each other but this was not a booty call. Either a date was set up that escalated or a during the day visit to her apartment. She wore my shirt 1 morning but gave it back even though I said she could keep it since I had to run. I took her out for a nicer dinner to send the "I want to date you" message without saying it yet & it coincided with her birthday. She said she had a great time the next day, but oddly & slowly stopped responding to my texts, saying she was so busy with school. After a few weeks, I grew frustrated & put my cards on the table via text. I called 1st to talk but she didn't answer. I was upset she didn't respond, but I left her alone. Then I randomly saw her out. She said she's too busy with work & didn't know if she wants to date in general given we could only see each other on weekends. She walked away to leave but I got her to stay longer & talk. Her words & body language told two different stories. She flipped her hair back & pushed her face close to mine as if to kiss before pulling away. I called her out & she said she knew & was sorry. She said liked me as I liked her but felt like she didn't even have time for herself. Out of no where, she took me to dance floor & we danced & made out a little even though she wouldn't let me kiss her when I tried earlier. I don't know if this was to distract from the conversation or just appease me, but I told her she wouldn't have stayed if she didn't want things to work & she didn't deny it but said nothing. I could feel part of her wanted me to spend the night, but she didn't let me go with her. She said she was more worried about herself than she was worried about me and said we'd see each other again. I texted her the next day & didn't hear from her. I waited a week & texted I realize she needs space & I can't pressure her & still haven't heard back.

Any women care to chime in?


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  • I think you should move on, and try to forget her. No matter how busy a woman is, we ALWAYS find time to at least respond and text someone if we truly like them. Maybe it's a bad time for her to be dating someone, and I don't think you should wait around like that, you would deserve better. If she wants something she will let you know, she has your number Don't let it fristrate you! - Good luck! :)


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  • Sounds like she's not looking for anything serious right now, and your feelings scared her away. You didn't do anything wrong. I think y'all are just looking for different things at the moment. She wants to keep doing sexual things, but she knows that it's not right to lead you on, so she's distancing herself from you.