Girls, do you sometimes just just ignore a text from a guy and not respond back?

I've been dating this girl and I noticed that she doesn't always respond back to every text. I guess it's cause maybe she didn't like it or whatever. So she ends up not texting back after a few days and I end up having to start things up again to get her to respond back. Normally I just text her something random that has nothing to do with that topic. Girls do you do this a lot? Also guys, do you have this problem?


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  • I know most girls are told not to text back too soon although I think it's childish I tried to respond to a guy I liked quicker but I noticed when I waited a little longer to reply he was more eager for me to respond. So at least I tried to respond quicker but it didn't workout for me


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  • No always text back. it irritates me when guys and girls don't text back.


What Guys Said 1

  • If a girl is really into you, she won't do that. I mean maybe if she's really immature and plays games or something, but regardless, I wouldn't waste my time on a girl that ignores me if I were you.