She abandoned me, why?

We were close in the past, and, for a time I felt like we'd be close again. She knows how I felt, and I don't understand. Even a couple weeks ago we were talking, now she won't even reply when I said merry Christmas last night. I'm trying, I'm really trying to stay sane, but, I'm sick of this shit I'm constantly put through. I'm trying so hard not to begin hating her, but it's getting a bit hard. I did meet someone else but my feelings haven't all gone yet, and, more than anything... she's lucky. She's never suffered, hasn't felt MY pain, and I've started to resent that. Her, with her stupid perfect little life, one she doesn't even deserve, she won't even acknowledge me, when I've suffered, been alone, in many ways she has not. I WISH SHE FELT MY PAIN, I wish everyone would, but especially her the kind of loneliness that makes you stand at the edge of train tracks, sit on the ledge of your terrace about to jump off, cut your arm to focus your anger and despair... While I've gotten past it, those are all things I've done in the past, that pain, the pain that makes you want to die... I wish I didn't feel this, but, I'm beginning to wish she could feel it too. How do I stop feeling like this, what should I do? How do I stop loving/hating her so I can just be win this new girl and finally be happy?


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  • I'm sorry thay you're going through whatever it is you're going through but you have already moved on my friend, if you wished the person you "love" would suffer then you really don't love them at all. Maybe you should send this post to her and see what she's says. If she doesn't respond emotionaly to your heartache then she's only standing in the way of your happiness and isn't woth it.


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  • Dont cry for any abondoner. Never ever do it

  • You sound depressed


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  • Personally, I think you need to get away from her, and probably away from relationships for a bit. Concentrate on yourself, your friends, your hobbies.

    Remember, she doesn't owe you a relationship - and you don't owe her holding out hope for one. Move on.

    • She doesn't, it's just, I'm starting to wish she suffered every waking moment of her life like I do.

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    • Honestly, why am I not allowed to hurt people the way people hurt me?

    • Well, first of all, remember that they probably *aren't* trying to hurt you. Second, relationships are one place where the only reason people can hurt you is if you give them the power to do it. It's not like someone clocked you and you retaliated--in a social setting, your feelings are really your own.

      If the whole point is to stop the pain, retaliation doesn't do that. It may make you feel some momentary satisfaction, but it simply doesn't solve the problem.

  • Start by looking at other girls, talk with other girls.

    Don't stay alone or among guys.