Is it bad to like my ex boyfriend's best friend after being broken up for over 3 months?

So basically I had this boyfriend from July to September we broke up for very good reasons and we've been done since then. We completely stopped talking and that's that. However, I find myself talking to his best friend all the time. We snapchat a lot, we text, and he's called me cute dozens of times. I know that he's liked me before because when my ex and I were dating, he told me that his friend was mad because I ignored him for my boyfriend. But now, I feel like he likes me again and I feel like I like him back. The only two obstacles standing in the way are that he's states away from me and the fact that my ex is his best friend. I'm more worried about the ex part, instead of the distance seeing as I've dealt with distance with my ex (and no, distance was not one of the reasons we parted). Bottom line, do you think it would be wrong for me to have a liking for my ex boyfriend's best friend? Please answer, desperate teen here haha!

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I feel like I should add this. I met my ex and his best friend out of state, which is why my ex and I had to be in a longn distance relationship. They lived there and I didn't. I met them at a camp site and only them, meaning I don't know any of their friends besides them.


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  • It's not wrong. You like who you like. It's really not a big deal. If you and your ex were serious and maybe if he still had feelings for you, it could be a problem. But if not, then go for it.

    • We haven't talked since September with the exception of today when he messaged me saying "merry Christmas"

    • Oh yeah, it's not wrong. You don't owe him anything.


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  • Is is wrong to like him? No
    Is it wrong to do something about it? Yes

    Besides if this guy is really his best friend he won't even bother paying you attention so say "The Bro Code"

  • Commit with the one whom do you like the most, simple.

  • Sounds like your ex was just a silly little summer fling, most teenagers like to do to fill time before school starts (july to september). Most don't last, i. e. yours and are usually based off of lust, not love. Anyway, is it wrong to like him, no. Is it wrong to do anything about it. Yes, the "bro code" says "you date my friend, I can't date you". That's not cool. I think it's the same way in girl code too, right? If he does wind up dating you, I would think he would be a very bad friend to this guy And if you're doing this to either get revenge on your ex, or to make him jealous... I pity you. Sorry QA, move on


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  • You shouldn't date your ex boyfriend best friend same with guys liking their ex girlfriend best friend... it sucks but it's known that you shouldn't

  • You'll basically be making yourself the neighborhood pass around chick if you start messing about with his friends.