Do you compare future partners to your exes?

When you date someone who you thuoght was amazing in every way. He listened to you and gave you gipts in the most thoughtul ways. He even gave you what you consider the best gipt ever.

He treated you better than any other ex and you felt that he was the one. But then you fell you of love with him. That has happened to me in the past when I fell out of love with someone and I got so mad at myself that I don't love such an amazing person.

I'm wondering do you compare your exes to past exes? Exes that didn't do nothing wrong but that you just fell out of love.

If your wondering if that guy is me and it is :)

I feel like she may regret it once she dates other guys that aren't as great to her as I was. So what is your take

ps: this site is so therapeutic lol


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  • its a natural reaction because that's how we form intuitive decisions. By comparing past experiences with potential new ones to determine if we'd enjoy it. We all know what pickles smell, taste like right? do you need to try pickle icecream to know you wouldn't like it? nope. That said, when we do that with potential new mates we can actually do some damage by taking it too far. If your ex drank a lot and would get pissed off and hit you, well, deciding to not date another alcoholic is wise. But getting too caught up in the goodtimes of the past will 100% inhibit you from truly experiencing the potential good times of the future.


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  • sure, I compare the good with the good and the bad with the bad.


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  • I try but am not very good at it.