Average age for a guy to start dating or have a girlfriend?

So I'm 16 and I never dated a girl or had a girlfriend. All of my friends have tho, it seem like I'm kind of inexperienced, I'm scared that when I do start dating girls like in college or when ever, they will be turn off by my inexperience.


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  • There's no "right" age to start dating, it will happen whenever you feel comfortable and decide to do it. And if people decide not to give you a chance because of perceived inexperience, real or imagined, it's their loss. You're only 16 and have plenty of time, enjoy it!

  • Hey man, don't worry about it. There are a lot of people older than 16 that haven't been in a relationship, or at least not in an official capacity. If a girl thinks it's a turn-off because you haven't dated, then hey, it's her loss. There are a lot of girls who will overlook that fact and won't care, so chin up and good luck.