Hooked on my ex and I don't know what to do?

I haven't seen or heard from him since the day I walked out and it kind of hurts a bit just because we were together for so long. Its weird that someone can say so much and then do so little. I miss him and I just don't want to. how do I get over this person and these feelings. he went back to his ex he has kids with. so I don't even think us getting back together is an option.


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  • A long lasting relationship isn't going to heal quickly, so just take it day by day, know that it's perfectly fine to miss him and memories with him, just don't get hung up on them!

    Stay active, focus your attention on your interests, grow from this experience of confronting your emotions head on yet being able to power through. It's tough, that's for sure, but it's possible if you want it!


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  • hardest part is the first week... whisky, cigarettes and sam smith... then you'll see a new guy... then you forget all about it...

    • I have a new guy and its just not working, I still find myself thinking about him and just wanting to talk, I know I broke it off, but I haven't seen him since the first week in November and I just don't understand how he can't even wanna talk to me?

    • im like that too... if im done im done... you shouldn't date yet cause nothing will workout... its a big mistake people make... they start dating before they forget about their ex, what happens is you'll start comparing the new guy to your ex and its not fair... give yourself time... dont fight it just accept it and let yourself be as sad as you can... the only cure is time... for me, i only one week... some need more... some less... best of luck...

  • Just remember that you walked out.


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  • I totally get how you feel, been there too, well I’m actually going through the same..
    I have done everything to forget him, have had sex with several guys, ignored him, etc, and none of it works, I am still in love with him. Recently I have realized that there is still someone out there for me, with whom I´ll have kids and be happy, and that the only way I’m going to find that guy is if I stop thinking about my ex.
    I know it’s hard but the only thing that can heal our hearts is time, and strength; I have hoped many times that something could be done to erase my memories and stop thinking about my ex, but that doesn´t exist and facing it is the best way out. Cry if you have to all the time you feel like it and little by little you´ll realize that life becomes easier.
    Your break up is a chance to meet someone else, someone who will do everything to stay by your side.
    Cheer up!

    • I still have connections to the family via being on a family plan, also his family are my friends on fb, im thinking about not deleting them but taking them out of my newsfeed