Guys what would you think of this situation on a skating date?

I've been dating this guy for almost 2 months now and he is taking me on a skating date. See he is a hockey ref and used to play hockey so he's good at it. I haven't really been skating I. 5 years. I went twice last year with new hockey skates but it lasted maybe 10 minutes bc my feet were so sore and I couldn't do it well. For him I'm just gonna stick it out but what should I do if I'm bad. I told him I was and aaid I'd fall a lot and he just laughed and said I'll catch you. He's been at home for Christmas so this will be the first time I've seen him in a week. So guys what would you think if your girl wasn't that good at skating would you think it's stupid?


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  • He's probably looking forward to helping you out a lot the whole time.

    Guys love to be helpful, shows that they're nice, gentlemen, and also a chance for him to impress you.

    • Well at first he wanted to play hockey with his brothers and sisters and cousins so they do that and I'm just watching on the ice and then after he kept skating around with me holding my hands and dragging me skating backwards and it was so fun I didn't have to really do much it was just fun then he stops so fast and I crash into him lol


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  • Just don't ignore him for some other dude when you get there lol

  • Of course not, he's a hockey ref he practically has skates glued to his feet your overthinking it


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