She's hot and cold with her texts?

So sometimes we can text 15 times in 45 minutes, while other times it could be once a day or even take her 5 days to respond back. So obviously I know that people are busy, but I'm just wondering is this fairly normal for a girl? It's kind of irritating cause it's making the relationship go so slow. I'll try to arrange a date and then she won't respond for 5 days and then doesn't mention anything about me mentioning a date. Honestly I think she just wants to move at a slow pace, which I'm fine with. Then I don't want to seem like I'm bugging her about going on another date everytime we text.


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  • She likes to keep you interested and don't give s damn about keeping you guessing. A gamme player.

    • So she's kind of just playing hard to get? Or do you mean she's just a time waister?

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    • Boom, I finally got an answer! Thanks, I love you.

    • Ok i wuv you Wong time too. Peace out


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  • She seems really wishy washy. If I were you, i'd ask her out on a date but if she doesn't reply or ignores it then I would kind of move on. There's no point in hanging out someone that won't reciprocate or even give you a proper answer. And I don't think that's normal. I mean I text a lot, and the only times i reply late or a few days later is when I thought the other person didn't reply to me or i forgot to hit send... or i read it and forgot to reply or i just actually ignored it lol.

  • Maybe she is waiting for you to text her? I am in a similar situation and sometimes I feel weird about texting too much, like I'm bothering him...

  • I think its weird too im a girl and i dont do that personally because i think its not rational if she's a direct smart person she won't waste your time by not being a regular texter


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