HELP! I'm 21 and girls my age think I'm young, girls older than me think I'm a baby and girls in high school check me out, what can I do?

I'm 21, when I talk to girls my age they usually think I'm younger than them, and when I talk to older females they think I'm a baby, and high school girls always check me out. I can't date a girl underage, what can I do?


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  • You must look so young that when it came time to properly enter your birth date in your profile, GaG was like "nahhh, you're under 18, buddy."

    • Actually I went to get a credit card the other day with my dad, and the lady at the bank told him they couldn't t give me one cause I was underage lol

  • *que manly southern voice*

    Sounds like you gotta bad case of the baby face! What ya gotta do is go out there and put some scars on the face, dress like a man! Start wearin suits. And caryin an axe places. Manly stuff ya know!

  • Grab the high school tail while you still can!