Where are the cute guys who like fatty girls?

We're fun. And cuddly. And butts and boobs. And soft bellies.

I'm sick of trying to date.

I get depressed at the thought of finding a partner if I'm smaller. I strictly require someone who finds me awesome fat or not. I'm almost holding off on weight loss UNTIL I find a good relationship. Being wanted more for being slimmer disgusts me because I already have high value for myself, and have experienced the difference in treatment of fat vs. average.

If anyone can offer helpful advice that is not insulting and does not suggest weight loss, that would be lovely :)

To those that think I should lose weight, I'm healthy and active and know a TON about nutrition. I have yo-yo dieted all my life, and the stats show this is worse for your health than the weight itself, as well the percentage of people who can lose weight at keep it off is miniscule it's ridiculous. So I decided against damning myself to a life of struggling and body policing and stressing and hurting myself and wasting money and instead stick with good nutrition and exercise.


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  • They're out there... by the way, don't be afraid to approach men yourself. Approaching men first is just a social stigma, designed to keep women at bay. If you like someone, go for it. Remember, approach them, the same way you'd want to be approached yourself

    • Finally a helpful answer.

    • lol, I'm a helpful person... people just confuse my answers with "too much honesty", it's not... it's just, I'm trying to help


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  • don't worry chubby girls are bett than skinny.

    at least for me skinny girls are unnoticable.

    my advice is don't give a shit about people who want you to lose weight, if you feel comfortable with your weight. it's their problem not yours

  • This is a strange kind of premise. Let's analyse if we can. First, we condemn natural biological processes. We say, it is bad to find people physically attractive. Secondly, you try and impose your own notion of what a man should find attractive, jiggling bellies, and all that, how you describe it. So while a man is not to find an 'in shape' girl attractive, he's to find a tubbier one so? Thirdly, there seems to be a strange kind of 'either or' approach that people seem to fall victim to. Is it not possible to find a girl physically attractive and also value her less tangible, 'spiritual' properties? Is the outer not a reflection of the inner? I eat well, and think I look good for my age; people seem genuinely shocked when I tell them I am 29. I eat well, because of me, because I value myself, because I want to face my psychological crutches head on. So it's no coincidence that I look the way I do. And before I started on this path, three years ago, I feel I looked and felt worn out. I certainly have more energy now.

    I would suggest that you don't orientate yourself, your health, your weight, to what other people find attractive.

    Because I like to cut through the bullshit, and I should stress that this is just my likely, erroneous, guesswork and perception, but judging by your responses to some of the answers you've been given: it seems like you have some issues with the image you have of men and your hitherto interactions with them? Like 'good' men should pay no heed to a girl's physical form?

    • Wow you got it all mixed up. A lot of assumptions here.

      "We say, it is bad to find people physically attractive."

      No, of course that's not bad, that's great! Why wouldn't I want someone to find me attractive? And people do. Just not often enough. I require someone finds me attractive if I date them, clearly.

      "Secondly, you try and impose your own notion of what a man should find attractive, jiggling bellies, and all that, how you describe it. So while a man is not to find an 'in shape' girl attractive, he's to find a tubbier one so?"

      Also wrong. Your statement makes two assumptions. 1) Every man likes the same things 2) Every man has to like one or the other. Not every man should like my body. Not every man should like any one specific type of body. I like multiple types of men and some types I don't like. You aren't leaving room for diversity here.

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    • You're probably right, perhaps I didn't write very well or 'penetrate', so to speak. However, from your other responses too, I kind of get the impression that you're not actually interested in taking on board what other people have to say.

    • It is because a lot of what other people have to say is closed minded and ignorant, which I expected and naturally comes being part of a group (fat people) that is subject to what they've been calling "the last socially acceptable form of prejudice"

      So yeah... comments that suggest being fat makes me lesser, that I should lose weight, health policing (which is dumb, ignorant, and laughable), are basically the most unhelpful responses I can get and the exact reason why I am uncomfortable with weight loss.

  • I like that update, confidence is very attractive and you have a lot of it. Keep it up.

    • Thank you.

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    • lol... maybe

  • well you're not really fat from what i have seen from you're profile picture. i love women who are a little bit heavy because then you have the feeling that you really have someone to love with. well its hard to explain but i love it.. it just makes you feel that you can love and hold someone.. because skinny girls look a little bit empty to me but dont know why. if i knew you i think that i would date you because you look comfortable. please dont get me wrong

    • Not I totally get it. Thats why though sometimes I want to be smaller, I never want to be small. It just seems so average and normal and empty to me, but that may be because I am so used to my body the way it is. A skinny girl would imaging my body as big and heavy and blundering, while I feel strong and steady and comfortable in this body. And I see a thin body as feeling empty and weak, though I'm sure thin girls don't feel that way.

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    • Your answer is my favourite.

    • yayy thank you :D i wish that i had women like you around me but unfortunately thats not the case :/

  • LOL! Funny question

  • Your very pretty if that pics you but i support
    your question my suggestion do whatever you
    want to be happy i like curvy girls but those ones
    who scare me away i do stay clear of those ones
    cause i can't get my heart broke any more. WWJD

  • You don't look fat. Are you fat? I like the things you say here, I like you better than the majority of other girls. I think you should treat that low self-esteem. You're obsessed with your looks, I like women, not make-up. Guys who want women with make-up are guys who like insecure women.

    • I'm a makeup artist. That's my career. I need to wear makeup to suit my profession.

  • What do you class as "fatty" on average i tend to go for girls that are between size 12 and 14 (which if you believe today's media is 'fat')

    • No that's average.

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    • Ahh no idea what an Candian size 18 is in the UK, that certainly isn't fat to me

    • I think UK sizes are smaller than Canadian. So maybe in UK that's a 20 or 22.

  • There are loads of men who would date you either way. I don't think they re hiding. I don't know. Ask one of your single guy friends out.

    Men talk a lot about "fat chicks". Its all bluster.

    • I can't find them. I feel like I'm treated like a leper in society but I feel like I'm totally not bad at all and don't deserve that sort of treatment.

      And guys who talk smack about "fat chicks" aren't getting anywhere near my vagina if I can help it.

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    • Well if the guy likes you then he is fine with your size. If you don't feel confident enough to go for it, show him you like him. Tell him you think he is cute, touch him when ever possible, laugh at his jokes. He should get the message.

    • Thanks :)

  • if you are comfortable with your weight no problem,
    i think many people likes you because some people likes big boobs and butt.

  • I know so cute guys. They are also fatty boys. Are they legiable?

    • I am sometimes afraid to date fatty boys because I want to break expectations and stereotypes for fatty girls. It's stupid, I know. But it's like when people would think people should date within their race. I don't want people to think that is why I'm with someone.

    • I understand. Sometimes people may believe that two fat people together means that they both settled

  • Depends what you mean by "cute". If you mean the guys that the majority of other women find good to look at, then there's a good chance you're going to be forever out of luck. Like plenty of thinner women. There are only so many "cute" guys, they tend to be relatively picky, and they tend to prefer women who aren't large all over.

    If however you're a "fatty girl" that is capable of liking guys that could be described as fat or thin, then your chances will greatly improve.

    • I mean... who I like isn't in any way affected by my outward appearance. If I were a supermodel or a fish I would like the same things. I'm alive waist down. I deserve satisfaction as much as anybody.

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    • I definitely have many interests and skills, I don't think I lack in the personality/fun department. I agree getting out there more would help, and probably working on my flirting with/approaching men thing. I don't find the men most women find most attractive, attractive. I don't give a crap about abs and I'm not drawn to over arrogant jerks like many women. I don't like typical pretty boys. If a guy looks or acts like he knows he's hot turn me off. I think that is probably the group that has no chance of liking me either, and I'm okay with that, because I don't like them. I like chubby guys sometimes, though as I posted on another comment I sometimes avoid them because of the fat girl with a fat guy thing, media and people think we should "settle" for each other and I'm not into that. Though the right guy could probably easily change my mind. Skinny guys can be okay if they are taller, because being a girl, I don't like to dwarf my partner.

    • Eyes smiles and bums are my thing. Which I don't think is out of my league. I think I have nice eyes, smile, and bum too.

  • Tbh i can careless if your alittle "fat" just not like totally unattractivly fat like 400+ that shits just disgusting. But usually i dont mind it if ur fat or not as long as i like ur personality and for who u r i can careless what u look like

    • But what if I want someone who likes how I look? Finds me pretty at least, likes some of physical features, not all of them necessarily.

      No one is perfect head to toe, generally.

    • well if u can find a guy for who likes u for who u r and really likes u over time he'll start to like everything about you no matter what it is. Believe me its happened to me. Lol

  • Maybe here?

  • There pretty much aren't any. The vast majority of men like slender women, or women who are fat solely in the butt/thighs/tits

    There are men who would date fatter women, but the more attractive a guy is, the less likely he will do so, since he has better options.

    • Well I know there are some, but they are taken by other cute chubby girls.

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    • Duh.

      I asked the question for advice that is helpful and positive, not pointing out the obvious about everything wrong with world.

    • I'm 25, I've dated a lot of guys, I know for a fact they aren't all the same and don't like the same things, and have had a couple smokin hotties in my life (people I think are smoking hotties at least, which is good enough for me, I hate typical bros) and have heard every dumb comment and attitude people can utter about fat people, dealt with all the discrimination and being undervalued, if your intent is just to add on to that, not sure why you bothered, been there done that.

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  • "I'm almost holding off on weight loss UNTIL I find a good relationship"
    "Being wanted more for being slimmer disgusts me because I already have high value for myself"

    1. wait in that state as long as you want, your chances will only be lower and lower as you age.

    2. high value for self comes with health. while you are not healthy as you are over-weight one's value for herself or himself is unrealistic. also if one really have the real feeling of valuing himself or herself he will care about her health and will not easily get depressed in the matters related to self vs society.

    valuing self is not one sided. but one finds value in himself while he does his best or is in his best shape and is recognized, approved and appreciated by the outer world.
    means that you cannot find the value for self without any recognition. our world is connected.

    So when you are not recognized as a healthy and attractive person as you do not want to keep yourself in the natural standards of health, valuing yourself in reality is nearly impossible. it is a delusion of value that will go away every once in a while and you get into depression.

    The only cure for this is to keep up and improve yourself instead of sitting still and in this fake value 'expect' the society to find you attractive.

    you say "advice that is not insulting and does not suggest weight loss". The only advice for you is weight loss and nothing else. your face is not unattractive. so you do not have much to worry about.

    weight is something changeable. you can change it whenever you want and if you 'really' value yourself, your health, and want to be in your best state of attractiveness.

    I recommend to go and watch some of freelee's videos, they are very much inspiring.

    • I eat very healthy and am very active. I am generally healthy. I have a nonfunctional thyroid and other challenges. You are not my doctor, I don't need a health assessment, I can provide a million reasons why you are flat out wrong but don't have the time.

      And no, I do not require the majority of people to find me attractive to have value, I have a multitude of qualities that don't have anything to do with my size.

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    • no argument here. I said enough. repeat your words as you want. you will still be in the same state as you are and nothing will change. good luck.

    • Closed-minded, outdated medicine, weight loss freaks bug me. Sorry.

  • Plenty of guys will date a chubby girl.

  • You're better than some stick insects I know :)

  • Fat girls have a better personalities than twig bitches. I should know cause I'm chubby

    • I'm kind of against competing with thin girls or calling them twig bitches. I think we should all appreciate our differences and strengths. I personally think there are beautiful things about thin bodies and big bodies. They are just different. What I like about my body is my bum and breasts and softness and curviness, and how nice and sensual it feels to touch. But hey, skinny girls have a delicate understated feminity that can also be beautiful. And shopping for clothes is easier for them. Lucky.

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    • You just demonstrated your awful personality so I think no..

    • No I have a wonderful personality. And I meant to say as fat not ass fat. And when I said twig b*tches I wasn't in my right mind so please don't be offended. I don't even remember saying it. SORRY EVERYBODY.