Had an awesome first date with this girl I met her online and it took convincing to get her out she had fun for sure but now she seemsMs ddistant?

After much convincing that I was real and a good guy we agreed to meet up. So we met up for coffee she was super nervous because she had told me she had social anxiety before we met up and needs like a day or two to plan. She wasn't feeling good but wanted to get some food after and it was going well I was giving her a massage in the booth we were in and had my arm around her. She said she had never had a guy d this she was liking it and said she was impressed because I am a couple years younger. Normally I kiss a girl if I like her on the first date she's 26 but she acted so shy I figured I'll save that for the next date. She locked arms with me on the way to my car and then I drove her to hers she claims to be classy and I liked that about her. I texted her that night and she said she had fun thanks for dinner and to let her know when I'm back in town so we can plan to meet up again. I texted her on Christmas and she replied. I messaged her yesterday and no response. I'm I over thinking she has 2 jobs but I don't know the date went so well and I don't think she's been on one in a while that normally a girl is messaging me like crazy at this point...


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  • Maybe she isn't as desperate for you as you thought. Yes, she had fun and all, but she does have a life. You are over thinking it. Chill.


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  • She's not losing her shit because she's got other concerns. Get the fuck over it and stop worrying.