Advice; Should I ask her out?

Background: Spent years in a depressive state where I didn't care about myself or too much about others. This meant I piled on weight (and other emotional baggage). Over a year ago I finally cracked, got help, and have been working on making things right again. After a casual fling with a woman a few months ago, I realised that I am now ready to rejoin the dating scene and have this one woman very much dominating my thoughts. We take all the same classes together, are always txtn/fb comments/jokes to each other, and generally having a good time in each others presence (but only recently in an out-of-class environments: an Christmas party and Christmas dinner with friends).
Now my doubts are: 1) while getting better everyday, I am still overweight and she.. is just beautiful :) She could go for much better looking than me 2) a few months ago she said she has a boyfriend but no word or evidence since about him. Her English isn't always perfect so perhaps a miscommunication? 3) I've been reading up on signs as Im oblivious in this area and some she does, some she doesn't. Is it she's just a friendly person?
I would be ecstatic if we were to go out together but fairly sad if getting the wrong response meant a loss of a friend.
Should I just ask her out? Subtly try to figure her out more? How?


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  • It's the holidays and you have a nice relationship repore going here, dear. Just approach her and casually but friendly of course, ask her if she might like to hang out and have some Christmas cheer... a cup of cappuccino that is.
    See where this goes. If she hymns and haws and gives you an excuse, then leave things alone and consider it her 'Being polite' and don't make an attempt again unless She in turn ----Asks you out then.
    Good luck and Happy holidays. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me some cheer of my own here..:)) xxoo


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  • Go for it ask her out what do you have to lose

  • Subtly figure out if she has a boyfriend now or not.


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  • Hey bud, read my story will you:

    I'm handsome (get attention from women) work out on a consistent basis (adonis like body), and charming.

    I lost a blonde to a guy at work who was slightly overweight and had a droopy ass face; not sure what he did but my point is it's not impossible, bro.