Why don't guys like to date virgins?

I'm a virgin, and I find that not a lot of guys like that. It's like every time they want to try something I'm not ready for they get frustrated. I've only dated 3 guys. One was a virgin himself, but he ended up cheating with a non-virgin. He was my last boyfriend. It's hard to find a guy that can respect what I want. Why don't teen guys?


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  • look not all guys are the same, in reality i am virgin and i have been with girls that wanted sex. but in my case i have my religious reasons so some back off and break up and some stay with me and we just do oral and i finger her. (she has some amazing orgasims tho). so i know ur feeling. u will find ur guy that will love u and will stay with u until u r ready to lose ur virginity. oh and they get frustrated cuz they didn't get what they have wanted. they just want sex thats all. PEACE :) <3

  • Because they're hopped on on testosterone and want to ****. It's perfectly natural. If you want to save your virginity I suggest you get used to the idea of having to deny them. It's not that they want a virgin, it's that they want to have sex.

  • Their boys and what goes in their mind sometimes are testosterone filled hormones. Honestly you just need to find the right guy not all guys are like that but I guess most are.


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  • A lot of guys won't like it, because they know you won't be as easy to get into bed.
    If they won't respect your wishing to wait a bit, they aren't worth it. Not all guys are that way though. It'll pay off to wait til its someome you're comfortable with