How to ask a guy that you like and don't know out?

I like this guy that is older than me by 2-3 years and I see him at school a lot. But I am not sure how to talk to him and he is always around his friends. Also, I have no friends in common with him and I barely know him.

Also forgot to add that I don't see him until my lunch break
He likes to wonder around the school a lot


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  • Do this (it is a classic technique): Loiter around he or his friends for whatever reason. You can pretend you are reading your smartphone or tablet or a book or whatever. However, listen. Just listen to what they are talking about. You might want to do this for a few days or so to try and understand the kind of person he is and/or what he likes or what his classes are, etc. One day, a topic will come up, and you can say something like "Pardon me, but I couldn't help but overhearing you that (some subject)." You've now injected yourself into the group. As a girl, you will be welcome in a group of boys. Start talking and feel free to ask questions. Listen in particular for his answer. Then - and this is critical - ask follow up questions to whatever he says to you. Get him to talk (and he will talk about himself). You now have met him and are at liberty to talk to him at any future point in time.

    • I don't think I can do that without looking like a stalker. He likes to wander around the school a lot with his friends

    • What about lunch? That's where you should be doing it anyway.

    • Same during lunch he walks around with his friends


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  • Don't ask him out like that. Make him know you first. Just get to him and talk, it won't be hard, make sure to be nice to him, nice enough to make think think about you. Then ask him out.

  • why dont you just throw him a few glances. Im sure he will get the message and try to talk to you. If he doesn't talk to you, you probably have to wait til a time where he's not around his friends and make your move.

    • Can't if he doesn't look away from his friends. But I'll try that for sure.

  • is there a coffee shop nearby? then you can suggest that

    • Not super close no. It's like a 7 minute walk from my school

  • you have no friends in common, the way I see it, there's no shame and no risk in embarrassing yourself
    ask the guy out, its like 10 words that have to come out of your mouth which is 54 words less than what you had to wrote on your post here :)


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