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A few weeks ago I met a guy, chat, we felt attracted to each other, had sex, and decided to be friends with some benefits. The thing is that because of the holidays he is away at his family's house and he is not showing much interest in me. I don't know him enough to say that he is like that... I ment that I wasn't hoping that he have a crush on me, but at least some sign that he cares about me. I'm not for a serious relationship right now, but I don't want to end hurt. Could it be that his lack of interest is making me believe that I have feelings for him, or am I overthinking? Should I let time pass and see what future holds? Or end it all?


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  • Look for another friends with benefits ( some1 you might attract to ) and have sex... but watch out you might be going into sex spree lol.. so i recommend just wait and see what time holds... and if you care about him and you dont want a relationship then end the friendship. now. ... but i think its a little late you do like him a little and he is not interesting grows that attraction more.. so end it up or wait or look for some1... your call


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  • If you two are just friends with benefits, and you both have discussed this, than I do not think you should read too much into him enjoying his family time. It is important that he live his own life, relationship or not, and the fact that the understanding between you two is 'no relationship', then really - there are no commitments made here. Therefore, he is not obligated to concern himself with how much he contacts you.
    It sounds like you are a little confused yourself. Maybe, this would be a good chance to reflect on your own feelings. Are you really not interested in a relationship? Does 'friends with benefits' make you feel somewhat insecure and uncomfortable? Perhaps this is not a good growth position for you to take with sexual partners.

    • It really made me think... I guess that the fact that I'm living a hard time makes me especially emotional, so maybe that confuses me.

    • Its good that you're thinking about it. Just as I said for him, it applies for you - it's important you live your own life. Make sure you are happy with this situation. If you are having a hard time emotionally right now, perhaps you may want to re-think it for yourself.

  • Ya sounds like he wants the friends with benefits and you don't. Girls tend to get attached to men they have sexual relationships with in a special way. Men do not experience this connection and this you will have to accept. Men see a vagina, women see a man with much more to him. I am sorry this is happening to you. If you like him, pursue him! If not, just forget him. Move on like it didn't happen, cause he will do the same thing.

  • Sorry to tell you, he used you for a quick lay.