What to do if you are the rebound girl for a guy that just got out of a relationship?

This new guy im dating just got out of a relationship & he claims that he is trying to get over her but he talks about how perfect she was & how there relationship was & how they were close i asked does he secretly hope theyll get back together and he says that if she was a different person then he would think about it, it makes me think he's just with me just to have someone as back up if they never get back together then he'll have me, I don't know what to do


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  • If tou genuinely like this guy and want to see something with him in the future. then break up with him because he's obviously not over this ex, if he was he wouldn't be talking about her all the time with YOU, who is supposed to be his NEW GF bc he's moved on from his Ex. I think you'll just get hurt at the end if you're wanting to be serious with this guy (:


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  • You sulk..

  • Don't walk away, run as far and as fast as you can!

    • He says that she's a bitch & he isn't going to talk to her anymore.. And he wants someone that will treat him like a lerson & he claims that he likes me a lot.. Should i still run far away

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    • Well somewhat!

    • He keeps telling ne how much he likes ne & being around me makes him realize he moved on & lots of other stuff, i feel confused

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  • Eeek! Get away as fast as you can. He's pretty much going to cry on your shoulder and go on about how much he loves this girl-trust me, it might take him a loooong time to heal. First of all: Don't be that girl, you deserve much more.