What keeps a guy interested in you?

So guys what keeps you interested?

Tell me all the secrets

I mean in the beginning stages like say you just met... how do I keep him interested?
I never seem to have a problem with the looks portion as usually it's a mutual attraction my problem is that the first couple of times i meet guys it's like we're on fire and then it starts to burn out for both me and him until you know we stop talking.


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  • well, i think the less u try, the more contagious u become.

    a lot of women seem to overthink how they deal with men.
    do i do this?
    should i flirt?
    do i touch him?
    what should i wear?
    is it ok to eat this while we're together?
    does he think I'm fat?
    am i funny?

    etc etc... my 'secret' is just to chill the eff out, be yourselves and stay true to the woman you've become. if a man can handle that, then that's awesome. if he can't, that ain't ur problem. simple.

    • You're beyond right :) I need to stop overthinking things and thinking it's my problem. Maybe we are just not compatible. I shouldn't have to change a thing!

    • exactly. we all do at some point.
      you'll find another man:) glad to have helped xx

    • Yeah @JustBanANNAz is a cut Above the rest listen to her, she said it best.


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  • Well like I tell all my female friends , if a guy met you and you looked like the most amazing women , or like god's gift to man. You have to continue to follow through with that. Be his fantasy , be his desire , be his freak, be his best friend, be p*rn star , be the person you could be silly with , do things he loves, make his friends say like fk I wish I had a girl like yours (for the things you do not just your looks) . The moment you begin to get lazy or to comfortable that's when things start going sideways. If you were my girl , i'd tell you be everything you think you an be and everything you couldn't imagine you could be. Feed him like a king , Fuck him like a p*rnstar , and support him like you are his greatest fan. With that you'll set yourself up for him wanting to go above and beyond for you buttttttt when he starts acting up pull back just a little bit enough for him to see that you are not a door mat. ... Hope I helped and yea you are gorgeous hope you find Mr. Right

    • Excellent advice thank you! I think my problem is that I would definitely do all that and more for a guy I really like but I need it reciprocated you know? I am not going to treat you like a king when you're not treating me like a queen and unfortunately I haven't found a guy who goes out of his way to make me happy either.

    • Well in my boat it's exactly like you , there isn't anyone who would do so for me. If you make me feel like a king , no reason in the universe I wouldn't make you feel like my world. Some times to win the war you have to make it seem like you are losing the battle @daze. Let you or someone like you come in my life , I'd have it more secured that the gold reserve at fort knox lol

  • Well a lot of times what people display themselves as aren't really who they are,
    If you are true to yourself and your partner from the start the relationship will not be built on a false perception
    That will keep a man by your side

    But if you want to keep interest be fun! dont worry about the little things and always be willing to try new things and go on adventures, be yourself while doing so, let him on little secrets every once and a while

    Also have your own passion/hobbies/career something you love to do! this will make you a more sophisticated person therefor making you more interesting!

  • keep him/her guessing!!! because its no secret that once a boy/girl thinks this "i know everything there is to know about him/her they're so boring" they are going to leave/cheat on you for the next exciting person imho

    and i dont mean any of that in s malicious way when it comes to "keeping them guessing"

    • Yeah I definitely know this too well and the problem is that I am usually on the opposite end where guys think I am too mysterious or not interested.

    • if he's a guy who always talk about football do something new like "squatting down and grabbing him by his knees while trying to slam him" he while probably find it to be cute or be like "baby i just got that new madden, wanna play" i think ya see my point LOLO spice it up

      "I am too mysterious" lmao i might be more mysterious/weird than you since i hear this all the time "dominique i never tel what your thinking or planning to do next" and they always come back for me 88% of the time

  • Some like punishment, working hard to get what they want out of it, others like same interests, imetheone88 is right it's not a one size fits all. It can be as simple as the scent you wear a seductive stare, your voice or the way you shake your booty on the dance floor.

  • from the way she smiles to her hair style
    anything and everything

    • But anything specifically she does?

    • i love women who are bold, upfront and honest
      so if she has even one of the qualities i m interested. In looks i love girls who smile for no reason and smile big, someone who has a sense of clothing is amazing as well im not a fan of girls who follow trends but forget that everything is not for everyone and it makes me want to puke when a girl is wearing something that is fashionable yet doesn't suits her

    • Then don't look

  • It has been mentioned and the answer is looks, first and foremost. Then it goes to what you like and what he likes. Then it'll change to how you see and understand things... and so on and so forth. It'll mature more as time goes.

  • There's not a whole lot of secrets... it's basically looks and personality. If you've got the looks down, it turns into "are you fun to be around, or boring?"

    Like, do you make conversation fun, interesting? Or are you a bore? Such as, I met one girl who wants to be FWB's... and good Lord, she is boring. I kid you not, about as nerdy as Amy from Big Bang Theory... I almost fall asleep trying to have conversation.

  • First, you have to be interesting...

    • I am pretty interesting

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    • Listen, do yourself a favor and find someone to mock date. Dead serious. What you think does not matter. What the other person things matters. So even if you find yourself fascinating that is meaningless.

    • A friend for feedback if you will.

  • @linkywinky tell herr she needs help!

  • looks. If you are basing it off first impression... looks are what matters.

    • Mhmm but I mean maybe my problem is that we both seem to have such a good connection at first and then I get bored of him so maybe I start acting boring or something.

      I just feel like i am always stuck in phase one with guys.

  • for free? na a
    ah every guy is different really... its not like a one size fits all thing...

    • i could give you all the tips and tricks but... after years of experience i learned that if a person is not interested in you, he is not interested in you... yea these tricks might work temporarily but at the end you can't force love, its an emotion not logic... he will cheat or leave eventually because it was not NATURAL... you weren't compatible... you'll just waste your time and energy and get hurt at the end... so the best way is to be who you are... and don't try too hard... there will be some one who will fall for you... the first time he meets you... without any games and tricks...

    • That's very true... maybe it just comes down to compatibility

  • First question is -- why are you asking this question?

    Cause the question is just too broad. So instead we need to identify YOUR problem.

    • Well like I said I like how there is that fire at the beginning when you meet a guy but my problem is that it sizzles out and the conversations get boring and I eventually give up

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    • See, we expect girls to do the talking.

      Just talk about yourself, your experiences, interesting things that happened with you etc...

      Guys are not good at talking exactly...

    • And if you don't talk, the guy will think you rejected him.

  • chill and be funny... have an interesting conversation first

  • Once in a while, try seducing him into kissing - if that's something you're both okay with.

  • That he knows you're genuinely interested as well

    • Really? Because that usually causes every guy i've known to start playing games.

    • I mean you must have had bad luck bc I don't play games, if know you're interested I'll let you know right away how I feel.

  • I've been texting this one girl all day just be Yourself and flirt a lot


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  • 1. I cook his fave foods
    2. I can stand the music he likes
    3. I give him space (very important)
    4. Nice/Talks to his friends
    5. I sing to him
    6. He finds me funny
    7. I make him smile
    8. We could be intimate whenever he wants
    9. I'm honest
    10. In his eyes, I'm the most beautiful, and we're in love 5ever.

  • Just be yourself beaut

  • When you I terest him

  • Conceited much?