Dating.. but okay to go on other dates?

I met tthis guy on tinder, he has been home for the holidays for the past week, on our date today he said he wanted to talk to me about something, he said he wants to take things slow, he wants to be sure this is something he wants before we make anything official, he said I have all the qualities he is looking for, but then said it's okay if I go on other tinder dates while we figure things out... i'm confused because he has introduced me to his friends, really wants to meet my friends and acts like we are a couple, my friend thinks he is just keeping me there while keeping his options open.. . any input is good


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  • That is what he is doing. He's keeping you as one of his options, while he's seeing other girls. He cannot commit to you because he's not sure you're the One; he doesn't want to disappoint you too much in case you're not.

    He may have recently found another girl who he thinks is better, but yet he has a lot of attachment to you. He isn't sure if the other girl will work out, but he still cares for you. He's willing to take the risk of losing you to another guy, than to cheat on you and let you down. So he's telling you, go out there and try to date around too, because I'm not sure if I'll be there for you.

    ... I did this once too. :( Bad mistake. Fortunately I got back with her quickly enough before i lost her.


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  • your friend is right... as long as your not official you can see other people... thats what he is doing... honestly if a guy is interested he wouldn't say something like that...

  • It's a possibility that's what he's doing, a lot of men wouldn't spin that line if they really liked a girl.


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