Girls with acne gross or Idc?

I have back shoulder and chest ance. As a girl this is my biggest insecurity. I can't wear what I want. I wear t-shirts under my basketball uniform. I feel grose. Girls should have smooth soft skin. I don't have mainy pimples its misty just scars everywhere. But everytime the. guy I'm talking to we make out and he goes up my back and I stop him but he'll say " you won't let me go up your back but I can touch your boobs" I feel stuck. I hate it , I cry cause its so hard I hate dresses and everything open in the back. I go to the store and. pass by. beautiful shirts that I can't wear. And yes I take showers and clean my body but they continue to come. Do you guys care? what's your honest opinion about girls with acne.


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  • I had them when i was younger. What I did was cleaning my back (my mom cleaned my back cause its a bit difficult if you do it to yourself) everyday befor going to sleep.

    First she put a warm towel on it (so the skin pores open), then put oatmeal soap on it, rubbed the back with a natural thing (i dont remember the name), cleaned it with cold water (to close the pores) and put some cream or something on it.

    • Thanks! Very helpful ill try it

    • Great! If you have some question about it or whatever just ask or send a message : )


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  • Not a deal-breaker :-)
    I mean yeah, it's not like it's attractive, but everyone gets it at some point, I'm going through it right now.

    • See I agree, but mine's on my back and chest and everything and I don't know I feel so uncomfortable:/

  • Everyone has it once in their life... so its not a deal breaker for me!

    • Thanks and. Ha very true

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  • Go to a dermatologists an ask for roaccutanne I had gross acne, took those pills and they all disappeared in one year, they are quite dangerous but they really work I have really nice skin now.
    My boyfriend ( at that time he was in love with me but we were just friends) didn't care at all and I also had in my face if the guy really likes you he won't care. try to put make up on them if you want to cover them up.