How do I ditch him?

A guy wants to have coffe tomorrow at 2 before i go to work and im SCARED and its probably going to be my next big mistake soooo how do i let him down?
I've been sick lately and he knows that so maybe use the old im sick reason?


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  • That's horrible to give excuses. As a guy.. let me tell you... We can catch a girl in a fraction of second if she is avoiding or lying. Girls are really bad at giving excuses.
    How can you say yes instantly if you were not sure about him?
    And what's the point of not going over a coffee? He won't copulate with you there?
    May be... your excuse will work for tomorrow and if he is not smart enough to understand that you don't want to go out with him... then he may ask you out again someday. Then what will you do?
    Go with him tomorrow and see how it goes. If not, then next time, either be honest with him or get better at excuses :p


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  • Actually it may be a mistake. Most people on tinder are only looking for sex. If that's not what you want and your instinct is telling you that then back out.

    Maybe talk to the guy and say you aren't ready yet and you would prefer to get to know him a bit more first.

    If he's only wanting sex he will most likely back off after that.

    If however he seems a nice and genuine guy, go out with him.

  • That's not going to work, because eventually you will get better. Best thing to do is tell him straight up that you are not interested in meeting up.

  • Why are you automatically assuming it's a mistake? Why did you agree to go in the first place?


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  • Well you shouldn't ever just hide from your problems but you shouldn't string him along either, just go and have coffee with him and see how it goes and if he bothers you and you don't feel a communication, tell him that and hopefully he'll back off.

    If he doesn't come prepared with some pepper spray, a taser and a good pair of running shoes.

    But just have fun and enjoy it :D