Why does he get upset?

I'm a black female and I'm dating a white guy we been dating for a year now, and we are madly in love, but I
have a question that i hope you guys can answer. Why is it that you think that he gets a little jealous when we are out in pulic he thinks that i am looking at the black guys He a say I see you looking at that guy and I be like what guy. I do, nt even be looking at no one. but he dont seem to care if I look at white guys He never either care when we be watching t. v and I say that a white guy looks good but when I say that A black guy looks good while watching t. v he gets jealous He try not to show it but he does And when I ask why do he get like that he says he don't know why. Now I'm not saying that he should'nt get upset at all I think its kinda cute because I get a little jealous when I either think that his looking at another girl white or black I still dont want to see him checking out other girls (which he really dont often do). My boyfriend looks really good and is packing down there, So why do he get jealous when he thinks im checking out the brothers but not the white guys?

Sorry, for it being long.



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  • yeah, because this is something he'll always be different, so makes him extra insecure. He needs to work on that.

  • Because black guys have big dicks and he thinks you wnat theirs

  • Be careful. He could be contolling, or insecure. A little bit of jealousy is ok. However too much is not. It becomes toxic. I have had that done before and its annoying I left him.

  • Insecurities, he doesn't feel good enough for you.

  • Maybe he thinks that since you're black you secretly want black men and that's one thing he can never be... black.
    its just super insecure thinking