What's a good response to what does it take for me to take you out on a date?

So I've been talking to this guy and he asked me this the other day.

What's a good response?


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  • Ask him out. Lead by example.

    Obvioysly in order to get someone to go out with you yiu have to ask. If yiuve asked and they say no then there's nothing else to do. You've dine your bit.

    So if he wants to go out with you he should ask. If you want to go out wuth him then you ask him and show him how it's dine.

    There's no need for all these silly exchanges if you both just want to go out.

    Like there's no readin for you to be trying to come up with a response when all you need to say is yes or ask him out.


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  • It's whatever you want to reply it to. Typically though if you're asking "how do I reply" the conversation should probably be ended, or at least change the subject

    What you could do is just say "Anything you think you need to do ;)" We react more to the emotions and exclamation points than your actual words

    • That's not a bad response either hmm haha

  • There is no good response. It sounds like you're one who plays the hard to get game, and he was dumb enough to fall in your trap

    • All he should do is ask you say yes or no. He shouldn't be required to jump through hoops

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    • Hahah okkay will do!

    • :P good luck to ya dear I hope it works out wonderfully for you :-)

What Girls Said 2

  • Uhhmmm 'to ask' lol

  • Say something like what you want to say