Is this ok to say to her?

I really like this girl at my school and I want to ask Her out in the new year. I was wondering if this sounds ok when I ask her.

"Hey Amy, can I ask you something?" And then if she says sure or whatever then I will say "Look, I really like you and I was wondering if you would like to go cinema with me this Friday?", and if she says yes then "Great, can I have your phone number please?"

Does it sound ok or a bit cheesy? Please help me I've never done this before!

By the way is cinema a good first date place? And maybe a Starbucks after we watch the movie?

I'm only 15 so I'm not really that experienced with girls and to be completely honest I'm expecting to be rejected. The thing is I need to be prepared for that, if she says no how do I respond?


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  • That sounds great! And that's not too cheesy, I personally love cheesiness and I know many girls who feel the same way haha. But before you ask her out, its important that you're not in the friend zone to her. Thats key. Anyways, going to see a movie is a popular choice to have a conversation started, so thats cute. If you get rejected (lets hope for the best though), you can simply answer by saying "i understand. thanks for being nice about it."(then smile and walk away). Being nice about it is the best thing you can do, because then things don't end on an awkward note. Best of luck!😄


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  • it sounds great! go for it :))


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  • Sounds like a plan, although a lack of a plan might be better, because you'll likely not say it exactly like this anyway, then you'll trip up a bit.

    Then she'll laugh at your bumbling cuteness and suck your dick.

  • I think it's okay to say it to her.

    If she says no you can say, for example, "That's ok, maybe in another opportunity we can go, can't we?". Or something similar.