My guyfriend kissed me, feeling confused, Dont know, why?

Me and my guy friend been friends for 2 years. I told him that I don't like him hitting me up once a week. And he told me that when he is in relationships, he hits the girl up everyday to check on her. He asked me "Do you want me to hit you up everyday" and he also asked "And do you want to be more than friends" I couldn't answer. I really like him. And he said that he didn't like how he have to be the only one to call. Which is true, he does call me. So he took me out to dinner the next day, and after, he grabbed my face and kissed me in the park. It was cold, but we held each other tight and we was slow dancing lol. Me and him are stubborn still. Like we can't admit we like each other. He told me that he's not going to say anything and that he's waiting on me to talk. Or beat the truth out of me, dont know what that suppose to mean,


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  • If I were him, I would have told you how I felt right after we kissed! He's the man in the relationship, he should be initiating the talks and telling you how he feels without waiting for you to start the conversation. Im not sure what game he is playing, but i dont prefer it!


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  • 'beat the truth out of you' means he knows that you dol ike him, just trying to get you to admit. maybe if you are confused just be honest and say. but sounds like you do like him. maybe you feel like its gonna move quite quick and that's whats making you unsure so you could tell him you wanna take things slowly. good luck