How to be more affectionate?

I've seeing this guy for a month and half now, I really really like him. We hold hands, cuddle, give each other back massages and kiss. He says that i'm never the one touching him and it's him always doing the advances. I tell him I am unsure of how to approach it since you're my first boyfriend, I don't want to do it wrong and I have no experience with it. He says it doesn't matter whether I have experience or not. It kind of hurts when he tells me that I am never affectionate because I completely cooperate with what he does and I don't know what else to do. I want to know how to be more affectionate without it being extremely sexual, because I don't want to go too fast.


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  • Because rather than cooperating with what he does, you have to give him random kisses and random hugs and stuff. It really isn't rocket science, but you aren't the first person not to have any idea. The basics are that you have to want to be close to your partner, and that you want to give them hugs and kisses. Really, that's the underlying notion.

    • I am surprised I am the only one to have answered your question, but I'm glad you found it helpful. :)

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