I need advice? Please?

Hi. I'm a little scared going into 2015. I know I'm going to sound stupid and you all are going to laugh at me. But I'm scared because of all of the rumors and constanl talk about America going to nuclear war, apocalypse, Illuminati, Armageddon, and basically theories about the world ending. I have anxiety really bad and I'm extremely obsessive about these things. They say we are all going to get a chip next year, mark of the beast. There are too many people talking about these things to not be curious. I'm really religious and a Christian and it really affects me and it hurts to think that God would bring down the world he created and destroy everyone. I'm only 14 in 9th grade. I want to be carefree. I want to know that I'm going to grow up one day and have kids and get married and graduate (not in that order of course lol) I just want to know that everything is going to be okay. But this stuff is in the Bible! I know we can't predict when it's going to happen or if it actually will. Can anyone prove to me that this won't happen? I can't sleep because I'm so scared.


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  • meh, dont you remember the 1012 worlds end rumors? many many people believed it was gonna end... but here we are after two years... its too soon.

    • I remember waiting all night and all day for something to happen lol

    • well its not gonna happen, now go read some Disney books and fall sleep.

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  • It's true that the god promised that he would come one day but, just think of it this way.. As long as you are saved and you know that Jesus Christ is your savior then you have nothing to worry about! :) In fact you shouldn't be scared at all knowing that if its gods will and god decides that it's time then you will be able to spend eternity with Jesus in heaven.